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Market Online DotCom Todd Restrepo Coaching And Mentoring Program!

by Todd Restrepo

Market Online DotCom learn time tested proven strategies for building an Internet Marketing Empire. The information you will find on this site could possibly change your financial future and ultimately the course of your entire life. I’m Todd Restrepo and I have been helping people just like you to build lasting and sustainable Internet businesses.

This site has something for everyone it doesn’t matter if you have been working online for years or if you are brand new to the world of Internet marketing.

First let me tell you what you will and will not find at Market Online DotCom. You will not find any promises of overnight riches, you will not find any black-hat, grey-hat or underground secrets to million dollar paydays and you will not find any get rich quick schemes on here so if that’s what you are interested in I wish you the best of luck.

You will however learn how to properly market online and build an Internet business model that best suits your wants and needs. I have recently reopened the doors to Todd Restrepo Internet Marketing Coach And Mentoring Program and I did so because honestly it sickens me to see all these SCAM sites popping up all over the Internet because it seems as though everyone of them has discovered the newest “Push Button” method to instant riches.

I would think that anyone with a modicum of common sense should know that those promises are nothing more than a ploy to separate you from your hard earned cash.

Todd Restrepo Internet Marketing Coach And Mentoring Program Now Open To New Clients

Todd Restrepo Market Online DotCom. LLC.Hi, as you know by now my name is Todd Restrepo and I have been building online businesses since 2006 and it did not take me long to establish a consistent passive income which easily replaced what I was earning as a Computer Networking Engineer.

Before I go any further I want to make it perfectly clear that you do not have to be a Computer Engineer and have any other type of degree to become extremely successful working online.

I like to mention that right from the get go because I found that the many of my clients I have coached over the years would actually limit their success based upon their expectations.

I find that most people tend to set their expectations to low, much lower then they are truly capable of achieving and they do this because they become intimidated from the super successful. To market online successfully all you really need to have is the desire to achieve success and the work ethic it takes to learn basic marketing skills.

I don’t care if you haven’t even graduated from high school, if you have the desire, the work ethic and you don’t limit yourself by setting low expectations you have all it takes to build an Internet Business that can literally earn you thousands in one day.

I have students that barely knew how to turn on their computer that are now earning 2 or 3 times the income that I earn from my Internet business.

I’m not saying that I could not earn as much as they are because I have learned the skills it takes to build successful online businesses, it’s just that there personal goals are different than mine and your goals will be different from mine as well.

So you are probably wondering if it is possible for you to earn as much as or more than Todd Restrepo and my answer to that is absolutely but you first have to set your goals, design your business plan and rid yourself of any limiting beliefs.

In essence I am telling you to have high expectations because I can teach you how to market online there is no doubt about and the amount of money you earn will only be limited by your beliefs, expectations, goals and desire.

My computer skills obviously helped me out in some areas but not as much as you might think. You see to market online successfully you really do not have to have any technical skills whatsoever.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons new Internet marketers fail. The most important skill you will need to learn to become a successful Internet marketer is Marketing!

I don’t want to confuse you but marketing is not necessarily selling. People do not like to be sold to so there is a thin line between selling and marketing. I am an Internet Marketing coach and to many of my clients a mentor.

Now I know that may sound I’m a bit full of myself but as most successful marketers eventually find out the real key to their online success was in finding a good mentor.

If you want to be successful you need to do what successful people do and there is no better way to find out what successful people do then to work one on one with one. How do you like that? : )

Let Me, Todd Restrepo Teach You How To Market Online And Build A Lasting Internet Business

This is why I have put up this new site so that I can offer my personal coaching to a larger number of people. I have a 100% success rate with teaching others how to market online and ultimately leave their day jobs for good.

Every client I have ever coached now has a thriving Internet business which earns them up to ten times that of what they were making when they worked for someone else.

Many of my clients have multiple online businesses earning them 100% passive income which means they can take off for a month if they wanted and the money keeps rolling in.

If you noticed it is not just Todd Restrepo Internet Marketing Coach, anyone can coach someone to success but that does not always mean that they can sustain that success.

All too often those that are trying to build an online business will end up wasting more time, energy and ultimately money because they think they have to learn all the technical aspects to building a successful Internet business.

New marketers get hung up on trying to design a website or they may spend days or weeks trying to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other type of coding. You can build yourself 100 websites but if you don’t know how to market you will never earn your first dollar working online.

If you take a look at this website you will see that it is not very fancy, it is plain and simple which means it is easy for my visitors to find what they are looking for, information.

That is why the Internet is called the information highway because people come online to find answers to specific questions or they are looking for a solution to a particular problem or they are looking to buy a product and in that case they just have to type in the product name and that’s it.

If you keep these things in mind when you are setting up your online business you will have a much greater chance of succeeding then the guy that spends weeks designing the perfect website.

The first and most important skill to learn is how to effectively market online because once you have mastered that one skill you will be able to write your own paycheck.

If you have been trying to market online for sometime now and you are still struggling to make your first dollar this site is for you as well.

Although Market Online DotCom is not just for newbies, I have amassed a wealth of information over the years from some of the most successful and well known Internet Marketers so this site will have something for everyone.

Everyday hundreds or possibly thousands of people turn to the Internet in hopes of creating a second income or to replace a lost job, however most haven’t a clue on how to market online and this ends up costing them a small fortune before they become so frustrated and quit.

Well I’m hoping that Market Online DotCom can prevent that from happening to you. I never stop learning and that is why I have a 100% success rate with all my clients over the years. It was an exciting decision to reopen Todd Restrepo Internet Marketing Coach And Mentoring Program because the Internet is constantly changing or evolving and this means that to market online successfully for the long-term you have to stay in touch with the latest marketing strategies.

Market Online DotCom. If You Have The Drive And Desire To Succeed Then Success Is Yours!

Market OnlineThere are a countless number of opportunities for making money online and in most cases pretty much anyone can do it and ultimately build an excellent business for themselves.

Throughout this site I will be teaching you the different types of businesses you can build, how much you can expect to earn, the time required to run each business and the costs associated with setting up each business model.

Market Online DotCom has been established for over four years now and what started out as a one-man business with just one niche website has grown into a sizable company that owns and operates a variety of online marketing businesses.

Prior to starting my online marketing business I owned and operated two off-line businesses that I started from the ground up. However at the age of 35 I was diagnosed with the first of six brain tumors and was told I had less than 12 months to live.

Well that was about 12 years ago so I guess I proved the doctors wrong but it has been a constant battle and it has rendered me 100% disabled. Due to the fast onset of my illness I was forced to sell my business quickly and for a fraction of its value.

Fortunately my wife was able to hang onto her business because that supported us giving me the time to establish an online marketing business.

When I first started to market online I thought that with all the business experience I had it would be a walk in the park. I soon found out that marketing online is much different than marketing off-line and I had quite a learning curve ahead me.

However I did have one thing in my favor, building an online business was my only option for earning an income and as they say “necessity is the mother of all invention.”

Due to our financial situation I had to learn how to market online without spending very much money which is pretty much an oxymoron when you’re starting an online business. I worked hard and put in a lot of hours and it still took me over a 18 months before I actually made a profit.

Learn How To Market Online And Build A Solid Online Business

I won’t lie to you and say that it was fun when I first started to market online. There were times when it was just so frustrating I wanted to toss my computer right out the window but thankfully I didn’t have that option we needed the money and I had to earn it and let me tell you I earned it. :-)

I now have an excellent outsource team in place and I operate just about every type of online business there is and I can honestly say that I really enjoy this business.

My family and I no longer have any financial worries and although I still put in quite a few hours in one day I do so by choice. That’s the greatest part about marketing online, once you’re established and you have all your systems in place your online business can practically run itself.

Of course you can’t get to cocky because you can lose it all quicker then it took you to build it if you fail to stay on top of things as the market is always changing.

I didn’t put up this site to brag about my own success or to make empty promises and flash $’s in your face because you can find that anywhere on the Internet.

I would like to be able to help others that are in a situation like I was not so long ago. Losing my health was hard enough but to lose my income and not be able to support my family that really hurt.

I know there are a lot of people that are out of work who have turned to the Internet in hopes of building an income that they can count on but I also know that there are a lot of unscrupulous people online that prey on the inexperienced newcomers. Learning how to market online is a skill that can change your life forever.

There are a variety of methods for marketing online and different types of Internet Businesses so you can rest assured that there will be a niche just calling your name.

Create Your Business Plan, Set Your Goals Then Let Todd Restrepo Teach You How Market Online Effectively And Successfully!

I plan to show you a variety of ways to market online and in many cases you can do it for very small investment but it typically takes you a little bit longer this way.

You have to look at it as a business and just like any other business time is money so if you have money to invest up front that just means you can get there a little faster.

However if you don’t have much to invest up front you will just have to invest more time but you’ll learn all about that as we move along.

Well I’m glad you found this site and I think in a few months from now you will feel the same way.

Before I bring this article to a close I have to warn you that it will not take long for the sharks to come in trying to sell you one thing or another that guarantees you’ll make millions overnight, it will be tempting but you have to turn a blind eye to those distractions and stay laser focused on one project.

Okay so let’s get you off to a good start, sign up for my Internet Marketing Newsletter and watch your in-box for mail coming from Todd Restrepo Market Online DotCom.