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by Todd Restrepo

Thank you for visiting Market Online DotCom.

Todd Restrepo Market Online DotCom. LLC.My name is Todd Restrepo and I am 43 years old and I am a full-time Internet Marketer. I have been marketing online since 2006 and I own a number different Internet Businesses. I have paid my dues and I have become massively successful.

I am not one for the spotlight, I like to keep quite and do my own thing however I have become so disheartened with all the garbage being thrown around online and watching innocent people that really want to learn how to market online get taken advantage of.

I hope that you find some real value from visiting my site because I built it for one reason and that is to share what knowledge I have when it comes to marketing online and I would like to share the mistakes I have made so it helps you from making them as well.

I look forward to getting to know many of you and I can’t wait to start posting your success stories.

Thank You!
Todd Restrepo – Market Online DotCom.