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Internet Marketing And Pinterest Is It A Good Match?

by Todd Restrepo

Pinterest and Internet marketing the latest social craze every marketer should take notice of. Internet marketing is an ever evolving business and if you do not keep up with the changes your online business will suffer if not collapse altogether.

So what is Pinterest and how can you use it in you online business? Pinterest is the social networking site that allows you to share, collect and discover interests by posting pinning or posting photos and videos.

You can pin or post interesting photos to your pin-board or if you wish to pin your photo to another persons board you may do so as long as you get their permission.

With Pinterest you can upload photos from your website or videos in efforts to attract a following or fan base that eventually visits your website for more information.

So “yes” Pinterest can be used as part of your Internet marketing strategies and it would serve you well to become more acquainted with the site and its inner workings.

People use Pinterest to visually organize gift ideas, home decor ideas, fashion ideas, visual memes, design ideas, architecture ideas, you name it.

How And Why Pinterest Can Help Your Internet Marketing Business.

Pinterest and Internet marketing You may think Pinterest is just another photo collection site but trust me it is much more than that and when used properly Pinterest can significantly and positively affect your Internet marketing business.

Here are a couple of very powerful reasons you should consider adding Pinterest to your Internet marketing efforts.

First, and most importantly Pinterest has a massive audience and by all accounts it will only continue to trend upwards. Consider the fact that the Pinterest site receives in the ballpark of about 25 million visitors each and every month.

Not only does it draw a massive crowd the visitors spend time on the site and they interact which means even more exposure for the clever marketer.

Pinterest alone is responsible for the success of many Internet marketing businesses due to their ability to drive loads of traffic to your site.

Every time you or anyone for that matter pins photos or videos from your website to Pinterest it instantly gives you a highly authoritative backlink and these backlinks can drive even more traffic to your site and we all know that more traffic means more sales.

Businesses that are involved in the certain niches that tend to perform best on Pinterest are now seeing more traffic driven to their site from Pinterest than any of the other high profile social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

If You Run An Internet Marketing Business Pinterest Must become Part of Your Marketing Strategy!

The built in sharing capability makes it easy for marketers to share images not just with other Pinterest users, but on Facebook, Twitter, websites and blogs.

What this means for you as an Internet marketer is that your message, whatever it may be is getting spread across the web like wild fire as it takes on the viral aspects of the multiple social network sites.

Also as a website owner you will get direct ;links back to your site and these are links that Google gives a lot of weight to which means increased search engine optimization, higher rankings and and influx of visitors to your site.

We all know the key to Internet marketing success is being able to reach more people so you can gain more exposure for your product or service or to spread your message to a larger audience. Pinterest can help with all the above and more.

Pinterest has done an excellent job in terms of search engine optimization which means if you can build a good following on their site and you link your images back to your money site those backlinks will be very powerful in the eyes of Google and the other search engines.

Anytime you can capitalize on the work of an authority site such as Pinterest has become you should take full advantage of that because in the end this could potentially increase the traffic to your website significantly.

Who should be using Pinterest for Internet marketing?

Due to the breakdown of the visitors to the Pinterest site there are definitely certain Internet marketing businesses that will enjoy greater results using Pinterest as part of their overall marketing strategy.

For instance Internet marketing businesses that cater and sell to the female crowd will often see greater results using Pinterest as a part of their marketing efforts.

Women in particular seem to love Pinterest and flock to the site daily making up over 80% of all the visitors to their site.

Businesses targeting young families have a huge opportunity. A huge segment of Pinterest users are young families, who find Pinterest to be useful in helping them juggle jobs, fun and parenting.

Businesses that have highly visual products or services, or who can come up with creative ways to make their products or services visual, will have a better chance of getting attention.

As I mentioned earlier the more attention you can bring to your site or Internet marketing business the more success you will enjoy and Pinterest is a site all about videos and images so that makes it a very powerful marketing tool.

Pinterest And Internet Marketing Video Tutorial

If your Internet marketing business is based around certain topics such as food and recipes, fashion and design, vacations and travel and wholesome family values you will see much greater results utilizing a site like Pinterest.

Those are of course just some of the stronger topics that tend to do very well on Pinterest but it is definitely not an exhaustive list.

If you know what you are doing and have clear goals for the use of Pinterest it can prove to be a very powerful marketing channel and I highly suggest that every Internet marketer should become acquainted with using Pinterest as a means of promoting your Internet marketing business.

Well that is a rough breakdown of the advantages to adding Pinterest to your Internet marketing efforts, in a future article I will go into more detail on how to use Pinterest in your Internet marketing business to help increase your bottom line.

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