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Video Squeeze Page Create The Perfect Video Review Blueprint

by Todd Restrepo

A video squeeze page will out perform your standard written text optin page ten out of ten times providing you know what you are doing. Creating a video for your optin page is not very difficult at all and if you follow the simple eight step blueprint for creating your lead generation video you will increase your conversions tremendously.

When your creating a video squeeze page you have to have a clear idea of what your end goal is for when people land on your page.

In most cases you will use the video squeeze page to capture the visitors name and email address in efforts to build a mailing list based around a specific topic or niche.

You have heard it before and I will say it again; “The money is in the list!”

Eight Steps To Creating The Perfect Video Squeeze Page!

Video Squeeze PageProbably the biggest mistake that most marketers make when creating a video for a squeeze page is that they say too much!

If your video is longer than two minutes, three at the most you will lose 99% of your potential customers.

Your video should be about two minutes long and it should captivate the visitor right from the start.

So how do you get the visitor’s attention right from the beginning?

Step one is to ask them a question. When you start off with a question or more specifically an engaging question you instantly grab the viewer’s attention and you have them repeating that question in their mind.

Your main objective is to lead your visitor down a path and at the end of the path the only option they have is to enter their details.

After you have asked your question and grabbed your listeners attention the next thing you want to do is sympathize with them. Make your visitor feel like you have been exactly where they are at this moment by doing this you are creating a connection between you and your visitor.

Now that you have created some type of connection with the viewer you need to keep them interested and wanting to continue to watch your video so you tell them a story.

For your video squeeze page to be effective you don’t want to just ramble on endlessly because you will lose the visitor before they even get half-way through the video.

In the second step you created familiarity by telling them you know how they feel because you have been there so now you just have to expand upon that with your story.

You tell them you know exactly how they feel because the same thing has happened to you in the past and again this helps to build a relationship with your viewer.

The fourth step after telling your story you have to tell them about what changed for you. So basically you have made a connection with the viewer and in their head they are comparing your story to theirs when you hit them with solution that changed how your story turned out compared to theirs.

Now this is where you introduce them to your product … the solution … the reason why your story has a better ending then theirs.

This is where you have to be careful though because if you begin to bore them you will lose them so you have to remember that a video squeeze page only has to be emotional and impulsive. You share your emotion with the viewer and they become impulsive based on how well you have related to them on their level.

When you are telling them about your product you want to use bullet points because this is easier for them to follow and you can elaborate on each bullet point, you are not stuck to the script, you have to sound natural and unrehearsed.

The important thing to remember is that people are more interested in benefits then they are features. A feature is what your product can do but a benefit is how or why that feature can help your viewer. You’ve probably heard this before but it still stands true; features tell but benefits sell.

With a video squeeze page it’s easy to fit them both in, features and benefits that is. You can achieve this by listing the features in bullet points but instead of just reading through the list of features you let the viewers read the bullets while you explain the benefits again another reason why simple slideshow presentations work best for video squeeze pages.

The last three steps are easy but equally as important. After telling them how your product will improve their life you ten tell them exactly what you want them to do. Being a video squeeze page you most likely want to collect their name and email so you tell them to enter their name and email and tell them what will happen as soon as they do.

You tell them to fill in their details and once they do on the very next page they will receive all the details on how to get their hands on your life changing product and then you tell them once again exactly what they have to do to get to the next page.

If you think it will help you can throw in a little scarcity but only do this if you are willing to follow through with the threat because that’s basically what it is. If you don’t buy this by noon on Thursday it’s coming of the market. Now if you threaten them with this type of scarcity and you don’t follow through you turn out to be a liar and it will come back to bite you.

Last but not least you want to repeat exactly what they have to do, be direct and tell them to fill in their name and best email address in the fields marked “x” below.

The video below will walk you through the eight simple steps to creating the perfect video squeeze page.

Now if you follow the eight step guideline spelled out in detail in the above video you will be able to create the perfect video squeeze page and increase your optin or conversions exponentially!

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